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Concussion facts PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jarrett Friday   
Friday, 28 September 2012 13:18

Concussion? Do I have one or do I not? I think I just had my bell rung! My dad says he had that happen to him all the time when he played, and he’s ok. Coach says that’s normal and just part of the game! So what is a concussion and do I have one?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury (TBI) caused by direct or indirect impact to the head that results in disruption of normal brain function, and MAY or MAY NOT result in loss of consciousness. In 2009 there were a reported 400,000 patients with sport and/or recreational TBI’s treated in US emergency departments. Since many concussions go unrecognized or unreported, and some minor concussions were treated by family physicians and urgent care facilities, then the number of actual TBI’s is much, much higher! There were over 300,000 concussions related to football alone, and at the high school level 10% to 15% of those athletes playing contact sports sustain a concussion each year!

If you are an athlete or you are a parent there are certain things you should be looking for to determine if you or your athlete has sustained a concussion!

  1. Do you have any signs or symptoms that are not normal for you or your athlete?

    1. Physical Signs:

      1. Headache

      2. Fuzzy or blurry vision (any vision issues)

      3. Nausea or upset stomach or vomiting

      4. Dizziness

      5. Balance problems or unsteadiness

      6. Sensitivity or noise or light

FREE Bump & Bruise Clinic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Submitted   
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 14:10

 Sports Plus Physical Therapy is having a free Bump & Bruise Clinic every Saturday morning during football season. The clinic is at their 936 Cox Road, Gastonia facility. The time of the clinic is 9:00 am til 10:00 am first come first served and you must arrive by 9:30 am to receive care.

 A Physician will be on site to provide one-on-one assessments of sports injuries (not just football) and establish any needed followup care. Athletic Trainers & Physical Therapists will be there to assist athletics.

Could save a trip to ER and its FREE!

CNN story on Concussion PDF Print E-mail
Written by Keith Travis   
Monday, 06 August 2012 08:20

BIg hits broken dreams CNN article about concussions in high school football. Click here to read article

Getting ready for heat PDF Print E-mail
Written by FFN   
Friday, 03 August 2012 09:32


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